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DLT- Dulse, lettuce, and tomato with chipotle mayo

Have you met Dulse? It's the sea's answer to salty veggies and seasoning. So much so in fact that it has become a replacement for bacon in some circles. In this circle, I still need bacon, but I do love to mix it up sometimes, and this smoky applewood Dulse from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables definitely does not disappoint.

Dulse, lettuce, and tomato

DLT- Dulse, lettuce, and tomato with chipotle mayo


-2 slices of hearty wheat bread

-1-2 leaves of bibb lettuce

-1 heirloom tomato- sliced into 1/4 inch slices

-1 T chipotle mayo- I used Sir Kensington's

-1 c dulse- I used Maine Coast Sea Veg (Applewood Smoked)


1. Toast bread to a light golden brown. Spread mayo in a medium thick layer.

2. Assemble sandwich with lettuce, tomato, dulse, and top with bread.


1. Lightly fry dulse on medium high with coconut oil on both sides til slightly warm and crisp.

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