Owner Spotlight: Interview with Darci Hammer of Doodle Eats

When I learned of Darci's Doodle Pies, I couldn't wait to try them. They are by far the best gluten free treat I've ever had, and that is just the crust. The amazing whole food filling elevates the flavor profile to another level. Every bite tastes so fresh and vibrant, you'll definitely want to sample all the flavors. The rustic breads are just as amazing, and you'll be amazed by the absence of gluten and depth of taste and texture.

How did you get started with Doodle Eats?  

Living a clean and simple food life with celiac disease was a requirement for me, but I decided that I enjoy food and socializing around food as well.  I wanted to enjoy the delicious food that just happens to be gluten free, so Doodle Eats was created. I started with glutinous foods that I missed and made them gluten free, so I can share with my family, friends and community.

How long have you had the business?

Doodle Eats started as a concept and I started developing the recipes in 2017 while living in Brooklyn, but Doodle Eats did not start for consumers until June 2018 in New Hampshire.

What is the best part of running the business?

I get excited to bake everyday when I see people’s reaction; the shock on people’s faces when they are able to try pumpernickel, when they haven’t been able to have that in 20 years or the amazement that our Doodle Pie are gluten free as the flavor combinations are unique, flavorful and delicious for all!  Especially as we are in a crazy world today, the recognition of being able to deliver amazing, fresh gluten free food to folk’s door steps, when they would potentially not have options for breads or treats.

What got you interested in baking?

After years of working in a corporate setting, I decided that I wanted to have a more immediate impact on the personal lives of people, as well as having a more fulfilling day to day for myself. My mom always had something going in the oven, with the warmth, smells and general coziness of baking, I decided that this was also my happy space. I wanted to create my playground that I enjoyed and could share with others around me.

What would you like your customers to know about you?

I find it funny when customers call or stop in and say that I spoke with someone, but what they don’t realize is that Doodle Eats is just me. I am driven by all of their feedback, with the goal of creating elevated gluten free food so it is always a positive choice, never a moment to settle on food.

Do you have a favorite product of your own?

My favorite product changes depending on my mood.  For the Doodle Pies, I normally choose the Ginger Fig Lemon.  For the bread, everything bagels if I am looking for cream cheese, lox and cucumbers.  If I have fresh tomatoes, I would do a toasted pumpernickel with mozzarella and sprinkle pepper.  If I want some warm bread for dinner, I would go for the sourdough.

What were you up to before this?

I ran a global operations team for an ad technology company based in New York City.

What is a piece of advice you have for other entrepreneurs?

You have to embody your mission, love what you are producing and have a supportive family/friend network.  There are a ton of long days and unexpected surprises that can definitely be exhausting, but they are worth it at least for me, when I see the enjoyment that others have when they eat Doodle Eats products.

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