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Roasted grapefruit paloma granitas

That's right- grapefruit sprinkled with sugar and smoked paprika roasted and paired with tequila and ice to create a perfect summer treat. Definitely wait 'til the kiddos are in bed for this one, "No, you cannot have mommy's sno cone..." :) .

Roasted grapefruit paloma granita

Roasted grapefruit paloma granita


Roasted Grapefruit

2 large pink grapefruit, sliced into 1/4 inch slices

1 tsp smoked paprika

1/4 c. white granulated sugar

Paloma Granita

1 c pink grapefruit juice

1 c juice of roasted grapefruit

2 c grapefruit flavored seltzer water

1 1/2 cup tequila

1/2 c simple syrup


1. Set oven to broil. Lay grapefruit on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with sugar and smoked paprika. Broil until edges are round and brown. Set aside to cool.

2. Mix all liquid in a blender on low. Add in juice of roasted grapefruit. Save some for garnish.

3. Pour into shallow baking pan. (I'm using an old school photo tray I found in New Hampshire. A nod to the darkroom days!)

4. Cover and freeze for 6 hours. Break up ice. Freeze another 3 hours.

5. Divide into glasses and garnish with roasted grapefruit slice and mint. Voilà!


1. Leave out the tequila and make a special batch for the little ones.

Note: If you are making this and have any tips or fun variations- let me know below!



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